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Retractable Sky Light is a roof system designed to either slide or roll the roof in order to expose the interior facility to open sky such as central courtyard, swimming pool enclosures, observatory and sky roof social gathering areas. Ideally, it is made of a mild steel structural frame having toughened glass, poly-carbonate or ACP sheets. We also specialise in FTS (Fabric Tension System) which is a UV protective fabric, to diffuse the sunlight under a fixed glass roof. Integrating this with the automation feature, the structural frame slides along the tracks with custom designed wheels for smooth operation. 

LMarks boasts a wide range of designs to match your home's exterior and architecture style that will enhance the home's overall look. Contact us to provide you with the advice you need when it comes to choosing the most appropriate retractable sky light for your home. 


     -  Weather proof system

     -  Elegant and Appealing

     -  Controlled natural light and ventilation   

     -  Quick Installation

     -  Quick release manual disengaging mechanism in case of power failure  

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