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Motorised Curtains and Blinds is a system designed to provide comfort in controlling the drapes via a remote control or a mobile app. The system can be hooked on with any choice of fabric to either slide or roll. Ideally, it is made of aluminium tracks with supportive hooks for curtains or a rollup for blinds on a tubular motor. Integrating this with the automation feature, the motor mounted on either side slides the curtain fabric inward and outward whereas the tubular motor rolls up and down the blinds. 

LMarks boasts a wide range of designs to match your home's interior and architecture style that will enhance the home's overall look. Contact us to provide you with the advice you need when it comes to choosing the most appropriate motorised curtains and blinds for your home. 


     -  Can operate both thick and sheer fabric

     -  Elegant and Appealing

     -  Controlled natural light

     -  Easy maintenance  

     -  Quick Installation

     -  Quick release manual disengaging mechanism in case of power failure  

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