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Boom Barrier and Bollard is one of the most common type of entry and exit gate preferred for a commercial, industrial or any gated community living to restrict unauthorised entry.


Boom Barrier is a bar or a pole pivoted to allow or block vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Ideally, the boom arm is made of modular aluminium rectangular bar having reflective strips for visibility. Integrating with the automation feature, the boom barrier is operated by a motor drive enclosed in a powder coated console having push-button switch to control the arm movement. The authorised personnel can also activate the boom barrier using an RFID tag or mobile app. 


Bollards are short, sturdy, vertical post used to obstruct vehicular traffic and allow only pedestrian traffic. Ideally, Bollard is made of mild steel that can be powder coated to ensure durability and improved visual quality. Integrating with the automation feature, the bollard posts can be operated with a single-key locking mechanism housed internally. 


Contact us to provide you with the advice you need when it comes to choosing the most appropriate boom barrier and bollard for your intended site or application. 


     -  Variable speed setting

     -  Elegant and Appealing

     -  Optional LED lamps on the system 

     -  Quick Installation 

     -  Quick release manual disengaging mechanism in case of power failure 

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